Breaking the ego: Why collaborative software developers write better code

Why collaborative developers write better code

  1. Creativity. At its core, coding is about problem-solving. The more heads you put together, the more you can brainstorm solutions.
  2. Preventing errors. Everyone has blind spots and having others check your work is the easiest way to catch and correct mistakes.
  3. Controlling emergencies. When the ship starts sinking, you need all hands on deck. If everyone understands each other’s code, it makes it much easier to fix the problem.
  4. Maintaining the code. If you are the only one who understands your bit of code, it becomes impossible to do things like go on vacation or take time off when you’re sick. Collaborating means sharing responsibilities, and that makes it easier for everyone.

5 soft skills every software developer needs

How to communicate better at work

  • Ask for feedback often. Take advantage of code review and talk to senior developers about how to improve both technical and soft skills.
  • Volunteer for non-technical projects. Take advantage of opportunities to present information, write an article and talk about your work.
  • Acknowledge emotions. Feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable with feedback is natural. Sit with these feelings when they come up and recognize how they affect your actions and attitude.
  • Take time to reflect. Communication is iterative. There will be situations that don’t go as planned. Reflect on what you have control over and how you will improve next time.
  • Share your knowledge with others. Especially if you plan to become a leader, you’ll need to get comfortable sharing what you know and mentoring others.

Note for managers and founders



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